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Profit Whales Decreased ACoS from 50,10% to 8.02%

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Profit Whales Team on Dec 21, 2021 in Case Studies

Zero-to-Hero Case Study


How Profit Whales helped a nutritional brand increase PPC campaigns effectiveness and decrease ACoS.

CPA $3.2 

PPC SALES $403,614 

ACoS 8.02%


“We felt that at that time, we just didn’t have enough manpower to conduct proper keyword research AND keep up with the optimization of all the Sponsored campaigns that we needed. We appreciate how Profit Whales was able to make all that a breeze, delivering us a way to support our Amazon-based marketing efforts.“

Ethan, Nutritional Supplements, Head of Marketing


Company Background

Our client is an established nutritional supplement manufacturer with five years of sales in the US and three years of sales on Amazon.


The Challenge

The company launched a new line of products but failed to develop a clear and concise way to advertise and conduct business on Amazon. At first, advertising revenue grew, but then began to fall steadily. Eventually, PPC campaigns were no longer as effective as they were at the start of ad campaigns. ACoS hovered around 50%, and sales fell to $2,000 a day.


The Solution

We’ve studied and redesigned the client’s Amazon PPC structure. For each of their products, we’ve re-discovered a proper market feed and filtered the search terms. Eventually, we’ve found a set of keywords highly relevant to the product. Also, we made some changes to the product listing by adding the most popular missing keywords to it in order to boost the listing + PPC combo effectiveness. 

This new PPC structure allowed us to exert better control over the following sales and ads effectiveness data. We could then use that data to further test our hypothesis. Moreover, we used the same PPC structure to create Sponsored Display and Sponsored Brand Campaigns, in addition to the already running Sponsored Product campaigns.

Zero-to-Hero PPC Launch


What did the client receive as a result? Let’s see the metrics before Zero to Hero:

  • PPC Sales: $26,374
  • ACoS: 50,10%
  • CPA: $11,1

After the 30 days with Zero to Hero, the results were as follows:

  • CPA $3.2 
  • PPC SALES $403,614 
  • ACoS 8.02%


“Such a wide range of different products would require 2-3 dedicated full-time managers to get the job done. In addition, in such a simple but rather monotonous task, it is easy to make inevitable mistakes. Our proprietary software is effective at quickly creating new PPC campaigns with a large number of keywords, and our managers have the skills to further optimize campaigns to suit each specific category and product.”

Ihor Dubovetskyi, Profit Whales, CEO


Readiness to Reach a New Audience

Shopping journeys are not always the same for all customers; customer experience varies on a case-by-case basis. So, our marketing strategy successfully used multiple ad solutions to widen clients’ reach and target audiences across different touchpoints. The brand has been able to build a loyal following, but wanted to expand its reach to new audiences.

Within Sponsored ads, we selected category keywords for the client’s store and social accounts. The client broadened the variety of keywords to be included in this campaign. They made this decision in order to unite new audiences around their brand in lieu of customers discovering their competitors. This method produced striking results.

The brand’s success during the holiday season was dependent upon a well-built brand store. Profit Whales had to make sure they have what it takes to succeed. A fast way to grow your brand’s visibility and gain customer engagement is by increasing your store’s visibility and showcasing your products in detail and with video testimonials. This is exactly what we offered the client to do. They have also created a “gift” sidebar to assist shoppers during the holidays. Engaging new audiences has been made easier, and choosing the appropriate products to shop and learn about has been enhanced through these updates.

We Have a Solution
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Elaborating on a Brand

Amazon has so many products that selling on this platform might seem overwhelming. But once you control your brand, you can make your online presence an asset, not an issue. Your brand is a reflection of yourself and your company, and if you don’t do a good job of portraying who you and your company are, you’re getting left behind the market. Building awareness of your brand will produce leads and leads generate profits.

Those vying for a meaningful connection with their brand’s customers should always consider utilizing key insights to foster engagement opportunities. So, to determine the impact their campaign was making, the client analyzed relevant analytics. 

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