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Getting Dr. Krause Brand $119k in Total Sales

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Profit Whales Team on Nov 21, 2022 in Case Studies

Getting Dr. Krause Brand $119k in Total Sales


Company Background

Dr. Krause brand is the best fit for those struggling with pain and feeling discomfort while walking. Their goods help you be satisfied with your toenail outlook and get the ability to wear the desired shoes.


The Challenge

The nail corrector product ran out of stock, and soon after, the number of sales and net profit decreased.


The Solution

To restore the product’s position quickly after it had run out of stock, Profit Whales aggressively took the top positions in advertising and promptly regained the product’s organic positions. The results were higher than previously.

Rise in Total Sales and Net Profits


Consequently, high organic listing positions and good advertising campaign performance gave rise to Total Sales and Net Profit.



As a result, Profit Whales could get the brand $119,832.88 in sales with a net profit of $23,059.92.

Profit Whales Could Get The Brand $119,832.88 in Sales with a Net Profit of $23,059.92


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