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Boosting Brand Awareness with the Help of Amazon Ads

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Profit Whales Team on Feb 22, 2022 in Case Studies

Diving Equipment Brand case study


How Profit Whales helped a diving equipment brand stand up against the leading Amazon players with the help of Zero to Hero + Managed Service + PPC Automate.

Profit Whales Cooperation Results


A product loved by customers is a prerequisite for brand development. However, this is far from all you need. Finding a way onto the top of page results and directing major demand coming your way is an art form of its own. Our own Amazon marketing was adequate, but it took some outside knowledge to really break the ice.


Vasily Korobkin, Diving Equipment Brand, CEO


Company Background

Diving Equipment Brand we are going to talk about today is a designer and seller of recreational diving equipment. Unlike most of the big players in the market, they specialize in one product – a full-face diving mask.


The Challenge

Following its first sales on Amazon in early 2018, the diving equipment brand has gained recognition from Amazon buyers. With a lot of effort and money invested in quality materials and good design, the new product has been well received by diving enthusiasts in the US. But then it was time to face the competition from Amazon’s top players.


The Solution

After reviewing the state of play in November 2019, Profit Whales suggested grouping all products into one set of campaigns and separately promoting one top-selling model as a test flight. We then used our in-house keyword-harvesting software to quickly come up with a wide array of relevant search terms and used them to shotgun the search query landscape. 

After about 3-4 weeks of optimizing and deriving the best-performing keywords, all relevant terms were grouped together in a few ad groups for better management. Less performing searches terms have been moved over to lower budget campaigns. Also, some low-budget automated campaigns were activated to collect more exotic but relevant search terms for future use.

Before Assistance of Profit Whales


PPC Lifetime


Thanks to the quick work Profit Whales did with launching new ads, the company was able to catch some Christmas demand in December 2019 – January 2020 (a sole must amidst the low season for diving equipment), making more PPC sales than in June 2019.

With the continuous improvement of both the product listing and the Sponsored Ads Campaign in June 2020 (peak season), the PPC sales increased by 315% compared to previous years.

The result was exactly what this brand wanted, as Amazon is very supportive of actual sales, and they were (and remain) the best factors in propelling the product to higher positions on the customer search results page.


This market was challenging as search terms and technical terms were often used interchangeably. So we had to test a wide range of market keywords to determine which ones were really effective. In addition, we were targeting a range of well-selling complementary products to attract additional demand from the outset. After a month of operating this ecosystem, we copied it for all other products.


Alexander Nyezhnyk, Profit Whales, Co-founder


Additional Ways to Boost Brand Awareness

Further on, we worked hard to layer display ads with the Amazon DSP and make them push traffic to the client’s product detail pages on Amazon, while others linked off to its home page, stimulating shoppers to find out more regarding the product and its features. These advertising types established the brand’s presence in front of a mobile-only audience.

Educating customers is a vital part of any ad effort, and we employed it to single out the client’s differentiating points in the category, such as their experience, knowledge, refinement, and product quality. To educate customers, Profit Whales embedded a short video into the client’s wake-screen advertising.

Based on their campaign results, the client felt these touchpoints drove the desired outcomes for both sales and awareness over the campaign. They continue powering its advertising approach with Amazon, scaling efforts to reach new customers wherever they engage online, and educating them about their one-of-a-kind diving masks.

We Have a Solution
to Scale Your Brand

Employing Amazon Streaming TV Ads

Amazon streaming is one of the most successful and effective ways to reach audiences. Unique audiences are easily found with the help of specific ad campaigns, broadcast by an ad platform that has an immense array of streaming options. Streaming TV ads allow brands to interact with audiences, speaking their language

Our client has decided to go with Streaming TV ads to increase audience reach. With the help of Streaming TV ads, The client managed to simultaneously reach relevant audiences based on Amazon’s first-party shopping insights while increasing awareness of its brand to a scalable degree. With the Amazon ads’ reporting tools, the company has been able to accumulate and analyze the results of their campaigns as well as tie it to the amount of the brand’s impact.

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