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What to Choose Between PPC Software and Agency? 

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Profit Whales Team on Nov 11, 2021 in Strategy

Amazon PPC Software or Agency


Accounting, finances, marketing, manufacturing, product development, and safety regulations. What does it take to build a successful business? And what does it take to keep it thriving? 

A single answer wouldn’t be enough, and there is no such answer. The questions require deeper analysis.


Delegation is Key

To boost the outcome of the business, its value, strength, and efficiency, entrepreneurs seek the assistance of services that offer the best solutions to the issues they have. Fortunately, the market provides a variety of options. Business owners just need to make a responsible decision which company is the one. 

Businesses on Amazon have different tasks to accomplish compared to sellers on other e-commerce and offline marketplaces. On the outside, the process of selling on Amazon might seem crystal-clear. However, in reality, Amazon isn’t easy to conquer, and businesses need to delegate their work to prosper. 

The intriguing poll “Do you prefer to work with PPC software or an Amazon PPC agency?” on the LinkedIn page of Profit Whales CEO Vitalii Khyzhniak showed interesting results but even more intriguing comments. Most of the users prefer to work with agencies powered by PPC software:

PPC software or agency

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So let’s look at the question from different angles.


The Advantages and Disadvantages of Working with a PPC Software

Software for Amazon sellers is a powerful tool capable of saving time in a way humans can’t. Starting with keyword harvesting, the software protects people from spending hours of manual research, obvious and not obvious mistakes. 

Data collection and processing are the foundation of any business. Also, the software builds analytics based on cold numbers. So, on the one hand, numbers take an enormous part of the planning in business. But, on the other hand, it’s never enough for building a strategy. 

The software can’t make decisions based on the client’s goal. The software doesn’t understand where the brand can be improved, whether it needs internal or external advertising or how to boost the brand’s profit.


The Advantages and Disadvantages of Working with a PPC Agency 

Questions to PPC Agency


The opposite side of cooperation with the software is working with an agency. Trained advertising and sales specialists, business analytics, and data scientists work on clients’ information to process it entirely different from the machine. 

Agency specialists rely on the given documents and data to achieve the goal sellers want to reach. In addition, professionals account for weak spots and peculiarities of the brand to improve them and have a strategic plan.  

However, the agency that isn’t powered by software doesn’t really do all the magic. The analytics, strategy, and planning from people should go side by side with data provided by the automated tool. Plus, if the agency works without software, sellers need to pay the additional costs for it.


The Synergy of Software and Agency 

The choice between software and agency depends on the needs of the brand.

If a company has specialists who know the brand’s perspectives and handle brand issues connected with marketing, then the software is all they need. The same goes for the tasks of the software. If a company has a department of PPC specialists, for example, who follow all the metrics, but no one can turn it into analytics and understand what they mean, the agency will help. 

Nevertheless, brands usually require service from both automatic and manual services. 

Clients seek complex help that can be given by those who know Amazon from the inside and reinforced by the automated tool to keep their work mistake-free and accurate. Agency workers clean up the data processing software does.

If it’s keyword research, PPC specialists and data analytics eliminate unnecessary keywords the software harvested because only they can know whether the keywords really fit the selling product. 

But how to be sure the purchased service is the best that can be found on the market? What could be so-called insurance?

We Have a Solution
to Scale Your Brand


Not Just an Agency, but a Partner 

A client that comes for assistance from Amazon specialists wants to know that the invested money won’t be wasted. That’s why Profit Whales isn’t just an agency that completes a requested task of the client, but a partner that integrates into the history of the business, knows all the numbers, studies analytics, and cares about the end results. 

Profit Whales considers the client’s possibilities on different platforms to boost the sales, maximize the profit, and show that it’s essential to develop business inside Amazon, outside of it, and with the help of the inside and outside sources. 

Many Amazon sellers come to Profit Whales with a big idea that they don’t know how to put into practice, and Profit Whales turns the vision into a reality that becomes an e-commerce whale among the sharks. 

Not convinced yet that a partner agency utilizing PPC software is the best solution for an Amazon seller? Then check out Profit Whales Case Studies to learn how we solved different problems of Amazon businesses by complete integration in the history, analytics, and processes of the brand: 


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