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Ad Groups for Sponsored Display: What was Launched?

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Anastasiya Vyday on Apr 12, 2022 in News, Strategy

Ad Groups Support for Sponsored Display: What was Launched?


Sponsored Display ads (SD) are a unique promotional tool. SD are created to allow sellers to cross-sell their products and target competitors’ products because one of SD’s placements is beneath the Buy Box

Their remarketing strategies allow advertisers to exclude buyers who have already purchased the product. This way, sellers can save a significant part of their budget on clicks as customers who already bought the product won’t see their ads on Amazon pages. 

The list of SD advantages can go on for a long time, but right now, it’s important to talk about the latest SD update and clarify why it’s useful.


“Create Ad Group” Option

On February 21 2022, Amazon launched Sponsored Display ad groups to support that allows users to create multiple ad groups based on all kinds of possible characteristics. The button “Create ad group” is found under the tab Ad groups.

How to Create Ad Group for Sponsored Display


Important to know:

  • Sponsored Display ad groups can be utilized by Amazon sellers and vendors. 
  • Sponsored Display ad groups are available in Brazil, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Australia, India, Japan and the United Arab Emirates.


Why Sponsored Display Ad Groups Support is Important

It isn’t that easy to manage ad campaigns on Amazon. So a new way to put ad campaigns in order is great news.

The added function of SD ad group support is created for Amazon sellers to ‘equip’ ad groups with products that have different characteristics and categorize products by their specialities. This function saves time when sellers need to make some optimization decisions because they don’t need to consider each product separately but as a group with similar parameters. 

For example, let’s look at a group of products with higher/ lower ratings. Advertisers can track regularity. What if a brand’s rating is lower than products with higher ratings convert much worse than those with opposite ratings. Other characteristics of products can be classified by: 

  1. Brand
  2. Price
  3. Color
  4. Size 
  5. Volume
  6. Material
  7. Reviews
  8. Ratings
  9. Functions, etc.

The list of characteristics is endless. It depends on the needs of the sellers, their ad types, targeting types and comfortability. However, any general characteristics can be used for creating a group.


Final Word

PPC ad campaigns require constant monitoring and optimization. When sellers plan to work on advertising improvement, it’s hard to even start because it’s unclear where to start. Sponsored Display ad groups support sellers who understand the value of their time and want to automate their work. 

Especially nowadays, when marketing is an internal part of every business and business owner need to jump higher and surpass their competitors as fast as possible, constant optimization is inevitable. However, optimising ad campaigns without proper structure can be a real nightmare, so don’t hesitate to make your life easier. 

One of such newest Amazon updates is Amazon Brand Lift. Check out how it can help you with business improvement. 



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