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Case Study: Helping a Pet Brand to Grow Before Exit Amazon

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Profit Whales Team on Aug 15, 2021 in Case Studies

Amazon Exit Case Study: Helping a Pet Brand to Grow Before Selling Its Amazon Business


We’re sharing another case study demonstrating the results of our efforts to increase the value of an Amazon pet brand and help it exit the marketplace profitably.


Company Background

The brand was selling pet foods and accessories primarily in the US,  generating a $100k net turnover per month. Then the three-year-old company decided that it’s time to exit the Amazon FBA game, so they started searching for a company that could help them drive brand value to get the best offer from the market.


The Challenge

If a seller does decide to exit Amazon, they want to make sure they will be able to get a fair deal for their business. Brands are facing a difficult challenge in deciding how to handle the Amazon exit model profitably with so many predators on the market. Profit Whales stays on guard of their business and helps to sell it at the highest possible price, structure finances, and negotiate with buyers.

Promoting brand awareness was the primary goal of the company, which looked to increase sales through sponsored ads. However, we saw other great opportunities for revenue increase.


The Solution

The brand’s goal was to reach sales growth while maintaining its existing Amazon Advertising budget. Profit Whales started with a search for opportunities to grow profits. Our own software was used to assess the content on the brand’s product detail pages. 

As a result, we were able to identify the most relevant keywords associated with the company’s products. Addressing the keyword research, we have made specific optimizations to the product detail pages.

Once we made the necessary changes to retail readiness, we started running Advertising sponsored campaign ads. Improving the efficiency of bid adjustments and utilizing the search query and campaign performance reports, we performed manual optimization on a weekly basis.

To maintain steady ROAS, we deployed Sponsored Products campaigns focused on top-converting keywords. By leveraging Sponsored Brands campaigns, we promoted new and prioritized products. These Sponsored Brand campaigns were created to contribute to the goal of increased awareness. With their help, we created an excellent opportunity to differentiate the brand’s offering while ensuring that customers shopped for the products that match their pets’ needs.



After the pet brand partnered with us, the company’s key value figures changed for the better:

Profit increase


Ultimately, the brand was able to enhance the sales velocity and get ahead of competitors.

Working with brands that are poised to exit Amazon, Profit Whales is always focused on ensuring the most profitable acquiring deal.

Amazon sponsored brand


 How does Profit Whales increase the evaluation of the Brands aiming to exit?

  • for every brand, we are helping to sell we creating huge presentations where we highlight all the pros and future growth possibilities;
  • we are handling all the negotiations with the potential buyer;
  • we have a huge amount of buyers in our database that helps us to increase the price of the brand by proper negotiating.

If you are thinking about selling your Amazon FBA, we are at your service! With us, you can be sure that you will receive a fair price for your business and for all the hard work you have done. Careful exit planning makes your business more stable, future-ready, and helps you find the best deals. Let’s discuss how to increase the business valuation with Profit Whales Team!

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