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Sourcing for Amazon FBA

Dec 23, 2020
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Dr. Amazon Podcast with Francois Jaffres

Today we’re going to be talking about Amazon FBA Sourcing From China with Francois Jaffres. Find your detailed script on how to negotiate the most attractive deals for your business when sourcing from China in new episode of Dr.Amazon Podcast.

Francois Jaffres from Noviland explains how to be sharp and bargain the best conditions with Chinese colleagues. And also shares useful guide “Preparing Your Business for Chinese Holiday Closure” for our listeners.

About the speaker

Avatar for Profit Whales Team
Francois Jaffres Director Of Business Development at Noviland

Francois Jaffres works with Noviland to bring a low-risk, streamlined sourcing and purchasing service into sellers life so they have more time to focus ON their business instead of IN it.

  • 01:20 Amazon Sourcing from China: Preparedness is a Key Factor
  • 04:00 Financial Aspect of the Amazon FBA Sourcing
  • 05:35 Create a Need and a Wishlist
  • 06:58 Developing The Relationship With The Factories
  • 09:14 How To Choose The Right Factory
  • 13:25 Get the Price Down on the Sample
  • 15:14 How Does Noviland Help Amazon Sellers?
  • 21:00 Three Main Amazon Sourcing Recommendations for 2021
  • 22:40 How to Contact Francois Jaffres?

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