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  • Knowledge and development through scientific approach is what differentiates Profit Whales and makes it to be unique in the market of Amazon advertising as well as knowledge development.
  • We strive to educate our team on a continuous basis within their knowledge of marketing, data science, market trends, algorithms development, causal relations, and logical operations and these are enriched by the AI technologies, solutions, and decisions. In such synergy, we reach highly effective results in our own performance approach, which results in the improvement of our clients’ activities, positioning, sales, and competitiveness.
  • We analyze the Amazon market as well as global e-commerce one, dive into market data, make out interesting cases, and share our insights through our blog, social media pages, and podcasts.

Profit Whales believes that only through learning and
on innovations, it is possible to create real
value and promote sustainable development to

Amazon Advertising

The Amazon sphere is one of the most developing today. It is characterized by rapid growth, changes, and volutations. Amazon sellers have to continuously research the market, niche, and competitors as well as customers’ purchasing changes, needs and wants shifts. At the same time, the Amazon platform itself is modifying, increasing the pressure on business. Knowledge of the advertising strategies on the market is able to improve the products positioning, account attractiveness, and business effectiveness. The changes in the advertising approach can significantly boost sales and promote products as well as account. As a result, knowledge of the Amazon platform from inside, understanding of its unique internal specificity, and ability to manage data within the account would raise the business to a whole new level.

If you are ready to boost your business on Amazon, start off by acquiring knowledge about advertising capabilities you have. Right now, you are able to learn from the inventor of an innovative approach of Amazon advertising campaigns management.

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