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FBA Business Selling: How to Prepare and Don’t Make Mistakes

May 05, 2021
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Dr. Amazon Podcast with Jake Barnett

If you start preparing to sell your Amazon business in 12-18 months, you can significantly increase the profit from the sale! Do you know about it?

The details of the business sale process were told by Jake Barnett, VP, Business Development of Fortunet, an investment bank focused on helping 7-8 figure Amazon through the M&A process. Jake works closely with sellers to form an exit strategy for their businesses, optimize the business’s intrinsic value prior to a sale.

About the speaker

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Jake Barnett VP, Business Development of Fortunet

Prior to Fortunet, Jake was Head of Business Development for two early and prominent FBA aggregators, completing 15+ acquisitions in the space before moving to the sell-side with Fortunet to help sellers maximize outcomes with a business exit. Jake is an avid traveler and adventurer, speaking 3.5 languages, having visited 60+ countries and all continents except Antarctica. Jake also enjoys adventure sports such as sailing, kite surfing, and riding motorcycles.

  • 01:33 Jake’s personal success story: the way from the tech industry to representing the interests of Amazon sellers
  • 04:32 Why has the market for FBA acquisitions got so hot now?
  • 08:03 What types of buyers are looking to purchase FBA brands?
  • 10:38 How to choose the right buyer for your business?
  • 13:20 How to prepare for and maximize outcomes during the business exit process?
  • 19:34 How do sellers transfer their Amazon business to another person?
  • 21:23 Post check after selling the business
  • 23:26 What problems could arise during the exit process?
  • 26:32 Three top tips for everyone looking to sell their Amazon business
  • 32:35 What books does he recommend to read?
  • 34:20 What could we expect from 2021?
  • 35:23 Who could be our next guest on Dr. Amazon Podcast?

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