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Best eCommerce Youtube channels
Top-20 eCommerce Youtube channels

  Running an efficient eCommerce business is challenging. Sometimes, all the tasks on the list do not leave enough energy to search for new sources of information and inspiration. Thus, we are here to share our research results. We highlighted 20 great eCommerce YouTube channels that provide valuable up-to-date information on products, design, sales, marketing,…

Aug 09, 2022
  • 5 Things to Know About Amazon Reimbursement
    5 Things to Know About Amazon Reimbursement 

      Here are 5 things to know about Amazon reimbursement that can be useful in turning a loss into a profit. Especially for Amazon sellers that are in need to access more cash. Maximizing Amazon FBA seller reimbursements is a powerful way that assists many FBA sellers in growing their revenue.   What is Amazon…

    Avatar for Yoni Mazor

    Yoni Mazor
    on Sep 30, 2020

  • Amazon Sponsored Brands Ads Guide
    Amazon Sponsored Brands Ads Guide

      Not that long ago Amazon users got to know a Sponsored Brands Beta and this feature already conquered the marketplace and its customers.  That is why the task of the article is to dive deeper into the understanding of Amazon Sponsored Brands Ads and learn what other advantageous sides of the business can be…

    Avatar for Alex Nyezhnyk

    Alex Nyezhnyk
    on Sep 28, 2020

  • Geo Ranking on Amazon
    Geo Ranking on Amazon

    “Amazon in 2022 is not the Amazon of 2013. These days things are getting harder, sellers are crafting new ways to conquer the algorithm and achieve the success” – Ihor Dubovetskyi, CEO at Profit Whales   Seller’s prosperity on Amazon depends on the ranking. For the launch and scale phase of the business, sellers can…

    Avatar for Profit Whales Team

    Profit Whales Team
    on Sep 15, 2020

  • How to Make Sure Your Amazon Account is Advertising-Ready?
    How to Make Sure Your Amazon Account is Advertising-Ready?

      Amazon is a complete ecosystem. If you do only one part, there’s no way you can be successful. For example, you can invest in advertising your products on Amazon, but if you haven’t already optimized the content, you have a much smaller chance of getting the conversion. There are plenty of aspects of selling…

    Avatar for Jerome de Guigne

    Jerome de Guigne
    on Sep 09, 2020

  • Amazon PPC Optimization
    Top 15 Amazon PPC Optimization Tips in 2022

      Trying to figure out how to optimize Amazon PPC Campaigns? Let us help you. With this comprehensive guide to Amazon PPC optimization, you can get your ad campaign ready in no time! Amazon is expanding its dominance in online commerce. In 2018, Amazon overtook Microsoft to become the third-largest advertising platform in the United…

    Avatar for Alex Nyezhnyk

    Alex Nyezhnyk
    on Dec 03, 2021

  • Amazon Lightning Deals: The Complete Guide
    The Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Amazon Lightning Deals

      Lightning Deals are very useful when it comes to sales boosts. But, at the same time, it is dangerous to use them without a particular aim and solid preparation. Amazon’s philosophy is to propel competition and encourage fair pricing among the sellers. The main ways to inspire customers for purchases are promotional discounts, redeemable…

    Avatar for Profit Whales Team

    Profit Whales Team
    on Dec 01, 2021

  • Amazon PPC Campaign Structure Setup by Profit Whales
    Amazon PPC Campaign Structure Setup by Profit Whales

      In this article, we’ll consider the importance of Amazon PPC campaign structure and explain in detail how Profit Whales assembles and sets it up.   Table of content: Why You Need Amazon Campaign Structure Amazon Campaign Structure Setup with Profit Whales Growth Brand Control Exact Simple Exact Variations Exact Other Search Term Exact PAT…

    Avatar for Victoria Melnychuk

    Victoria Melnychuk
    on Nov 25, 2021

  • Amazon Advertising Console Redesign
    Amazon Advertising Console Redesign: What is New?

      Amazon users nowadays are so used to platform changes that it’s hard to imagine something would cause an increased interest. Yet, Amazon keeps surprising sellers with supporting updates to accelerate their development, expose their brands in front of a wider audience, and launch new features and metrics not only to calculate but also to…

    Avatar for Anastasiya Vyday

    Anastasiya Vyday
    on Nov 24, 2021

  • amazon ranking
    How PPC Makes Your Product Rank Higher on Amazon?

      Amazon ads are more competitive than ever. How can you push your ad campaign above the competition? This article tells you how to boost your Amazon ranking. From the live scalability of its search engines to the unparalleled exposure it can provide any product, Amazon is a seller’s dream come true. The marketplace has…

    Avatar for Victoria Melnychuk

    Victoria Melnychuk
    on Nov 18, 2021

  • Retargeting on Amazon
    Retargeting on Amazon: Ultimate Guide for Sellers

      What’s your winning strategy for online brand engagement? If you haven’t found the answer yet, retargeting on Amazon might help. Let’s get into the details to see how this incredible opportunity can work for you.   What is Retargeting on Amazon There’s a big problem with traditional online advertising: the moment someone clicks away…

    Avatar for Vitalii Khyzhniak

    Vitalii Khyzhniak
    on Nov 16, 2021

  • Amazon PPC Software or Agency
    What to Choose Between PPC Software and Agency? 

      Accounting, finances, marketing, manufacturing, product development, and safety regulations. What does it take to build a successful business? And what does it take to keep it thriving?  A single answer wouldn’t be enough, and there is no such answer. The questions require deeper analysis.   Delegation is Key To boost the outcome of the…

    Avatar for Profit Whales Team

    Profit Whales Team
    on Nov 11, 2021

  • Amazon news
    Latest Amazon News — October 2021

      Hey ho, how is Q4 going? Good that all the readers are here. Profit Whales has very important information to deliver — October Amazon News!   Amazon Ads “UnBoxed” New Features Amazon Ads “UnBoxed” eight helpful advertising and measurement tools to refine brands’ connections with customers on reach, relevance, and results in levels. Let’s…

    Avatar for Anastasiya Vyday

    Anastasiya Vyday
    on Nov 10, 2021

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