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Decoding Amazon ACOS: A Guide to Achieving Precision

Facing challenges when it comes to understanding and optimizing Amazon ACOS for your products? You’re not alone; many sellers encounter difficulties in getting the most out of this essential metric to improve the efficiency of their advertising spending. Mastering Amazon ACOS, short for Advertising Cost of Sale, is crucial for scaling your Amazon business without…

Feb 16, 2024
  • why selling on amazon canada
    Why Sell on Amazon Canada in 2022

      As you continue to find success on the Amazon platform, you’ll most likely want to grow your business and unlock even more revenue. By expanding Amazon FBA to Canada, you can access a new market of potential buyers, diversify your revenue streams, and establish an international presence for your brand.  Best of all? It’s…

    Avatar for Blair Forrest

    Blair Forrest
    on Jun 23, 2022

  • Economic Impact of Ukraine Invasion
    The Impact of The Russia-Ukraine War on Global Trade

      As Russia persists in aggressively attacking Ukraine, economic markets have responded by declining and sinking. As a result, the world economy is currently in a fragile state and is fighting in hopes of returning to sustainable growth. This article discusses the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war on global trade and where it can take…

    Avatar for Victoria Melnychuk

    Victoria Melnychuk
    on Jun 17, 2022

  • the amazon news digest january 2022
    Latest Amazon News — May 2022

      The world around us is fast. People rush here and there to manage their lives and business, trying to find work-life balance, and often there is no place left for small tasks like reading the news. Well, the truth is that Amazon sellers have hectic schedules, but they need to know all about Amazon…

    Avatar for Anastasiya Vyday

    Anastasiya Vyday
    on Jun 07, 2022

  • Early Reviewer Program Alternatives
    Early Reviewer Program Alternatives For Sellers in 2022

      If you’re an Amazon seller, you know that reviews are a big key to your success. With more reviews, your product will convert more browsers into buyers and, as such, appear higher in search rankings and create a flywheel of growth. Getting your first reviews on Amazon can be a daunting task, but it…

    Avatar for Ben Donovan

    Ben Donovan
    on May 31, 2022

  • Amazon Listing Optimization
    Top 11 Amazon Product Listing Optimization Tips in 2022

      As an Amazon customer, you could notice that many listings in different categories and niches on the platform are widely unpopular. Some of the poorly performing listings might look updated, but they rank low, they have a few ratings and reviews, and all in all, they don’t seem like an attractive choice for a…

    Avatar for Anastasiya Vyday

    Anastasiya Vyday
    on May 27, 2022

  • Social Commerce Trends for eCommerce Brands
    Social Commerce for eCommerce Brands

      With the sheer number of people searching, purchasing, browsing, and engaging on social platforms, eCommerce is slowly but confidently transforming into social commerce. This article is an overview of the current state of social commerce and some of the major social channel perks for brands.   Table of content: Social Commerce Definition The Impact…

    Avatar for Vitalii Khyzhniak

    Vitalii Khyzhniak
    on May 24, 2022

  • Amazon ACoS
    What is Important to Know About Amazon ACoS?

      What is a good ACoS on Amazon, how can a business calculate it and be sure that it is profitable? This is our today’s topic. Let’s get started!   What is Amazon ACoS? For a business that sells its products on the Amazon platform, understanding and measuring how well your Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns…

    Avatar for Ihor Dubovetskyi

    Ihor Dubovetskyi
    on May 19, 2022

  • new amazon fba fees
    US Amazon Fee Changes for FBA Sellers in 2022

      Since the beginning of the pandemic, Amazon fee changes have been quite fair. During that time, Amazon increased its fulfillment capacity and invested approximately $15 billion in infrastructure and other investments that improved the fulfillment process.  All these efforts will need to be partially offset by sellers’ FBA costs, so FBA fulfillment fees have…

    Avatar for Catalina Santana

    Catalina Santana
    on May 17, 2022

  • Top 10 Best Amazon Seller Tools
    Top 10 Best Amazon Seller Tools for an Advanced Level

      There are important software for Amazon beginners. There are Amazon seller tools that exist beyond brand development level, like Helium 10. Sellers’ activity is impossible without such software.  However, also when business becomes advanced, it requires tools for Amazon sellers that can save a lot of time, optimize the brand and reach even better…

    Avatar for Ihor Dubovetskyi

    Ihor Dubovetskyi
    on May 13, 2022

  • April Amazon News
    Latest Amazon News — April 2022

      Break or no break, Amazon News Digest always returns with even more helpful information and exciting updates. All you need to know, you don’t have to spend much time learning about the most significant Amazon changes. It’s Amazon News Digest! Just take 5 minutes to find out what happened in April.   Total Conversion…

    Avatar for Anastasiya Vyday

    Anastasiya Vyday
    on May 10, 2022

  • How to Get Amazon Reviews
    Top 8 Tips on How to Get Reviews on Amazon

      Amazon customer reviews place seem to be the go-to for consumer opinions. But are reviews just a numbers game, or are they influencing purchasing decisions? This article describes how to get reviews on Amazon and an efficient strategy for using customer reviews to drive sales.   Table of content: What are Amazon Customer Reviews?…

    Avatar for Ihor Dubovetskyi

    Ihor Dubovetskyi
    on May 05, 2022

  • Secrets of Amazon Seller Success
    What is the Secret of Success on Amazon: Experts’ Tips

      We sat down with experts in the Amazon business and talked about critical issues sellers face in today’s landscape and how they can overcome them to achieve the ultimate success. We’ve been able to learn the secrets of how Amazon sellers become successful in their businesses. Some of those techniques and insights were discussed…

    Avatar for Victoria Melnychuk

    Victoria Melnychuk
    on Apr 28, 2022

  • Run Google Ads to Amazon
    How to Run Google Ads for Amazon Products?

      When you run a Google Ads campaign to your Amazon listings, it will take time for your bestseller and product rankings to boost. Read on to learn a few tips on advertising Amazon products on Google, optimizing your campaigns, and understanding the steps to take as an Amazon seller after launching Google Ads for…

    Avatar for Anastasia Selukova

    Anastasia Selukova
    on Sep 07, 2022

  • Amazon Acronyms List
    Amazon Acronyms List: 200+ Abbreviations & Jargon

      In terms of eCommerce, Amazon is undoubtedly the most significant player among all. Knowing the Amazon abbreviations and jargon related to your business will let you delve into the tiniest eCommerce details. Since platforms like Amazon have their eCommerce lingo, we prepared a comprehensive glossary of Amazon acronyms to help you get started. Read…

    Avatar for Ihor Dubovetskyi

    Ihor Dubovetskyi
    on Aug 31, 2022

  • How to Launch a New Product on Amazon
    How to Launch a New Product on Amazon – Step By Step Guide

      Launching a new product on Amazon is challenging, especially for newbies. In addition, not all potential sellers are experienced in creating Amazon listings, promoting products with Amazon PPC, and increasing sales. Given the rising number of Amazon sellers in 2022, standing out in this ruthless market is not an easy task. However, once you…

    Avatar for Ihor Dubovetskyi

    Ihor Dubovetskyi
    on Aug 18, 2022

  • Best eCommerce Youtube channels
    Top-20 eCommerce Youtube channels

      Running an efficient eCommerce business is challenging. Sometimes, all the tasks on the list do not leave enough energy to search for new sources of information and inspiration. Thus, we are here to share our research results. We highlighted 20 great eCommerce YouTube channels that provide valuable up-to-date information on products, design, sales, marketing,…

    Avatar for Anastasia Selukova

    Anastasia Selukova
    on Aug 09, 2022

  • Amazon’s Marketing Stream Beta Version
    Amazon’s Marketing Stream Beta

      Amazon has just launched a beta test for their new product: Amazon Marketing Stream. This new product delivers Amazon Ads campaign metrics and insights to advertisers and their AWS accounts via push-based notifications. This is an essential and sophisticated tool designed to change the landscape of many PPC experts who use Amazon to market their…

    Avatar for Victoria Melnychuk

    Victoria Melnychuk
    on Aug 03, 2022

  • How to Fix Stranded Inventory?
    What is Amazon Stranded Inventory and How to Fix It?

      If you have FBA inventory without active offers that is neither moving to customers nor back to you, Amazon considers it stranded. When that happens, you have a massive problem, as non-moving inventory will eat into your FBA overhead while damaging your Inventory Performance Index. That could become an even bigger issue nearing the end…

    Avatar for Rachel Go

    Rachel Go
    on Jul 29, 2022

  • How to Find Influencers on Amazon
    How to Find Amazon Influencers for Sellers?

      Read on how to find Amazon influencers, how you can benefit from the Influencer Program, and how it works.   Table of content Who Are Amazon Influencers? What Is the Amazon Influencer Program? Influencer Program for Sellers: How Does It Work? How Does Influencer Program Differ from Associate Program? Why Is Amazon Influencer Program…

    Avatar for Anastasia Selukova

    Anastasia Selukova
    on Jul 22, 2022

  • Increase Average Order Value Using Product Bundling
    How to Use Products Bundles to Increase Average Order Value

      As competition increases in the eCommerce market, finding ways to increase average order value (AOV) is essential. But what’s the best way to do it? More ads, new packaging, or higher prices? Product bundling is one of the most effective ways to boost AOV while maintaining a good buyer experience. With product recommendations generating…

    Avatar for Rachel Go

    Rachel Go
    on Jul 20, 2022

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