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amazon repricing software
Amazon Repricing Software: Your Business Needs It!

  Since its beginnings back in the 1990s, eCommerce has grown to be a multi-million-dollar industry, dovetailing with sophisticated technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), recommendation engines based on behavioral imaging, and targeted advertising to improve the consumer shopping experience from start to finish. Today’s biggest marketplace for eCommerce is Amazon. With over 2.2 million…

Jan 18, 2022
  • Amazon Stolen Package Claim
    Gearing Up for Q4: How to Navigate an Amazon Stolen Package Claim

      As the holiday season approaches, unfortunately, the number of Amazon stolen package claims can rise in occurrences. These occurrences are harmful to the buyer and the Amazon FBA seller as they negatively impact the customer experience and the seller’s bottom line. Customer satisfaction is the number one concern for Amazon and should be a…

    Avatar for Christina Passmore

    Christina Passmore
    on Oct 12, 2021

  • September Amazon news digest
    Latest Amazon News – September 2021

      September has passed, and it means that the new Amazon News Digest by Profit Whales has arrived. Curious about what happened last month? Then let’s get started!   Sponsored Display CPC & vCPM Billing Attribution Amazon Sponsored Display campaigns expanded to CPC & vCPM billing attribution. Sellers can have access to new bidding features…

    Avatar for Anastasiya Vyday

    Anastasiya Vyday
    on Oct 08, 2021

  • Amazon Seller Central
    Amazon Seller Central Ultimate Guide

    Thinking about selling on Amazon? We’ve crafted a definitive guide about how to create an Amazon Seller Central account and start an Amazon business right now. The e-commerce industry experienced remarkable surges in 2020, during which the global pandemic forced consumers to shift from in-store shopping to online. U.S. Department of Commerce states that consumers…

    Avatar for Victoria Melnychuk

    Victoria Melnychuk
    on Oct 05, 2021

  • Selling an Amazon Business
    Selling an Amazon Business: Why M&A Market is so Hot in 2021?

      To sell or not to sell? Not a rhetorical question but something sellers puzzle over day by day. The same goes for acquiring businesses on Amazon. According to Marketplace Pulse, aggregators acquiring Amazon brands have raised almost $7 billion since the beginning of 2021. Another interesting fact is that 25 different companies buying Amazon…

    Avatar for Anastasiya Vyday

    Anastasiya Vyday
    on Oct 01, 2021

  • how to drive external traffic to amazon
    How to Drive External Traffic to Amazon Listing: Top External Channels

      According to Search Engine Journal, 70% of Amazon surfers don’t look past the second page of the search results, with 35% simply clicking on the top-ranking listing.  While sellers should certainly work on nailing the Amazon algos and trying to get that bestseller badge — here’s the most recent research on the building blocks…

    Avatar for Meri Chobanyan

    Meri Chobanyan
    on Sep 28, 2021

  • Amazon Q4 Tips
    Top-12 Amazon Q4 Tips

      Are you ready for the Amazon Q4 rush? Don’t miss out on the lucrative holiday season by waiting until the last minute. Take the time to do it now. Fortunately, we’ve got some great tips to help you get started!   Important Sales Dates During Amazon Q4 It’s not uncommon for the monstrous traffic…

    Avatar for Victoria Melnychuk

    Victoria Melnychuk
    on Sep 23, 2021

  • What is a good roas on amazon?
    What is a good ROAS on Amazon?

      What does ROAS mean, what is a good ROAS on Amazon, and how can Amazon sellers use it in their businesses? Let’s figure it out!   What is Amazon ROAS? ROAS (Return on advertising spend) is a metric that allows sellers to calculate the amount of income (or loss) from each invested dollar and…

    Avatar for Victoria Melnychuk

    Victoria Melnychuk
    on Sep 21, 2021

  • Amazon ACoS
    Amazon ACoS in 2021

      What is Amazon ACoS, how can a business calculate it and be sure that it is profitable? This is our today’s topic. Let’s get started!   What is ACoS? For a business that sells its products on the Amazon platform, understanding and measuring how well your Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns are working is critical.…

    Avatar for Profit Whales Team

    Profit Whales Team
    on Sep 19, 2021

  • Amazon Q4
    Top-10 Seller Mistakes to Avoid During Amazon Q4

      When you sell on Amazon, mistakes are a steep learning curve, especially for newbies. But even seasoned sellers learn through hit and miss during the craze that is Q4. The fourth quarter can be a perfect time of year, with faster sales and higher profits, but it can also be a time of great…

    Avatar for Profit Whales Team

    Profit Whales Team
    on Sep 14, 2021

  • August Amazon news
    Latest Amazon News – August 2021

    Profit Whales changes Amazon news format just like Amazon improves every month for better customer experience. We are here, and we are ready to share even more valuable Amazon updates! The previous month was reached with fresh advertising features and not only. What happened in August?   Top-of-Search Impression Share Amazon renews Ad Console by…

    Avatar for Anastasiya Vyday

    Anastasiya Vyday
    on Sep 09, 2021

  • How different are the product results on two big Amazon marketplaces
    How Different are the Product Results on Two Big Amazon Marketplaces?

    Canada vs. USA Marketplaces The described product is an example of Canadian and USA marketplaces’ distinctions. The table shows ad sales, ad spend, and total sales of the represented product on and Despite the significant result differences presented in the table, the product is a bestseller on both marketplaces. Ad sales of the…

    Avatar for Profit Whales Team

    Profit Whales Team
    on Jul 16, 2021

  • Where Else do Amazon Sellers Sell
    Where Else do Amazon Sellers Sell?

    Amazon has become a globally recognized name, with 14 country-specific marketplaces, 175+ fulfillment centers across the world, and active shoppers in over 180 countries. Millions of third-party merchants are selling their products on Amazon. There is no doubt that sellers know that the online platform seems to be the goose that lays the golden eggs.…

    Avatar for Ruth Castillo

    Ruth Castillo
    on Jul 13, 2021

  • amazon ranking
    How PPC Improves Amazon Ranking

      Amazon ads are more competitive than ever. How can you push your ad campaign above the competition? This article tells you how to boost your Amazon ranking. From the live scalability of its search engines to the unparalleled exposure it can provide any product, Amazon is a seller’s dream come true. The marketplace has…

    Avatar for Victoria Melnychuk

    Victoria Melnychuk
    on Nov 18, 2021

  • Retargeting on Amazon
    Retargeting on Amazon: Ultimate Guide for Sellers

      What’s your winning strategy for online brand engagement? If you haven’t found the answer yet, retargeting on Amazon might help. Let’s get into the details to see how this incredible opportunity can work for you.   What is Retargeting on Amazon There’s a big problem with traditional online advertising: the moment someone clicks away…

    Avatar for Vitalii Khyzhniak

    Vitalii Khyzhniak
    on Nov 16, 2021

  • Amazon PPC Software or Agency
    What to Choose Between PPC Software and Agency? 

      Accounting, finances, marketing, manufacturing, product development, and safety regulations. What does it take to build a successful business? And what does it take to keep it thriving?  A single answer wouldn’t be enough, and there is no such answer. The questions require deeper analysis.   Delegation is Key To boost the outcome of the…

    Avatar for Profit Whales Team

    Profit Whales Team
    on Nov 11, 2021

  • Amazon news
    Latest Amazon News — October 2021

      Hey ho, how is Q4 going? Good that all the readers are here. Profit Whales has very important information to deliver — October Amazon News!   Amazon Ads “UnBoxed” New Features Amazon Ads “UnBoxed” eight helpful advertising and measurement tools to refine brands’ connections with customers on reach, relevance, and results in levels. Let’s…

    Avatar for Anastasiya Vyday

    Anastasiya Vyday
    on Nov 10, 2021

  • Amazon Black Friday & Cyber Monday
    Amazon Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021: How to Get Ready

      Are you ready to make some mad bank during these notoriously lucrative holiday weeks? If you are struggling to come up with the right Amazon Black Friday strategy, then you are in the right place. This blog post will give you some good Amazon Black Friday tips to help you deal with the holiday…

    Avatar for Victoria Melnychuk

    Victoria Melnychuk
    on Nov 04, 2021

  • Amazon marketplaces comparison
    Do high Competition Niches Portend Low Profit?

      The United Kingdom vs. Canada Amazon is a thriving and expanding marketplace that allows sellers to trade their products in numerous countries worldwide. Nowadays, businesses that are selling in one country often grow and sell in more marketplaces. Besides facing new issues like Geo Ranking and regional customer fit, brand owners need to remember…

    Avatar for Anastasiya Vyday

    Anastasiya Vyday
    on Nov 02, 2021

  • Amazon Dayparting
    Amazon PPC Dayparting in 2021

      In the last few years, the retail industry has been inundated with practitioners offering new methods of digital advertising. Since every marketer reaches a different consumer audience at different times of the day, sellers delved into the world of dayparting. And different times of the day can mean very different merchandising and ad campaigns.…

    Avatar for Profit Whales Team

    Profit Whales Team
    on Oct 28, 2021

  • Amazon Posts
    What are Amazon Posts?

      In October 2019, Amazon launched a new tool, Amazon posts, for sellers’ visual storytelling about products. With its help, Amazon sellers can push sales by sharing unique lifestyle pictures and content that tells more about a product.  What does this mean for brands?  Using Amazon posts is a good way to build brand awareness…

    Avatar for Profit Whales Team

    Profit Whales Team
    on Oct 21, 2021